Girls Only Dress Up and Dessert Fete

A couple weekends back we celebrated Little Lady's fourth birthday. When asked what type of party she wanted her response was always, " a girls only party".

Jeremy and I frequently joke about Little Lady's passion for all things 'girly'. We not sure if it's just her nature or if it's a way to rebel against all the 'boyness' that surrounds her but she definitely has an attraction to all things pretty and pink. This year we decided to honor her birthday request for some girl only time and banned her brothers from the house for an afternoon.

We decorated in pinks, reds, and purples and since Valentine's day is so close we also threw in some hearts. Little Lady loves to dress-up so we invited all of the guests to wear there favorite dress-up clothes. We also used a peg board to hang up some of Little Ladies dress-up items so the girls could change mid-party. 

I hired two students from Jeremy's classes to come and do nails, make-up, and apply glitter tattoos. They did a great job and it allowed me more time to chat with the other moms. 

We also had a craft station were the girls could design their own purses. I had pinned this idea off of the blog Ikat Bag a couple years bag and was very pleased with how it turned out...though prepping the bags before the party took a little but longer than I was hoping.

I kept the food pretty simple. We had fresh berries, cheese, and crackers the girls could snack on during the party. Then towards the end of party we all sat down for dessert; which was a choice of cupcakes, sugar cookies, or chocolate. Drinks were water, pink punch, or milk.

Little Lady had a blast. She did, however. miss her her brothers and her dad, mostly her daddy, and has decided that her next party will be a for boys and girls.

A few other birthday party ideas: knightsoceansdinosaurs, Beatrix Potter, and hearts,


  1. This looks like a great party. It is good to have you writing again.

    1. Thanks Corrie, it's glad to know I've been missed :) Jeremy recently started a part-time job at an architecture firm in addition to full time teaching at Judson. I'm super thankful for the opportunity and that he wants to work so hard. It, however, means my days have been a little more hectic. We are still trying to find a good rhythm.


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