Mini Man's Hot Wheels Party

Usually, if we do a birthday party we throw a joint one for Big Buddy and Mini Man.  Their birthdays are just two weeks apart and they have many mutual friends. This year, however, we decided to have separate celebrations.  Big Buddy had a Nerf Party and Mini Man wanted a car party. I found it interesting that even though the boys have had several joint parties Mini Man kept referring to this as his First party.  Big Buddy is natural leader and has a pretty intense presence; Mini Man tends to just go with the flow. It's only been in the last couple years we've noticed that we have to make an effort to make sure Mini Man's opinions are heard. Tracks and cars are Mini Man's favorite toys but because Big Buddy doesn't have much interest in them (and Mini Man prefers people, especially his older brother, over any toy) he doesn't play them too often. For his birthday we wanted to make sure all his track dreams came true.

Jeremy spent the night before covering our schoolroom and sitting room completely in tracks. I also  added some simple orange, blue, and black decorations to make everything look extra festive. Other than cars and tracks we didn't have any set games or activities for the party. The boys went back-and-forth between racing on the tracks and going crazy in our basement playroom.

I kept the food simple: pizza, baby carrots, grapes, and mixed berries. The cake also didn't require much work, I bought a pre-made one from a local grocery store and then made a track out of fruit roll-ups.

We sent all the kids home with a bag full of cars, tracks, and some fruit roll-ups. It was fun watching Mini Man get to share his passion with all of his friends. I couldn't help but smile and feel blessed during the party. I'm so proud to call Mini Man my son - he is compassionate, gregarious, smart, and funny.  I'm also so thankful for his friends. That they are boys whose parents are also training them up to love and serve the Lord. I'm excited to see them walk through this growing up journey together -  to watch iron to sharpen iron. 

PS. The boys' joint birthday parties: ocean, knights, and dinosaurs

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