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Small Graces

Little Hands Apple Orchard

Handprint apple trees were one of my favorite seasonal crafts as a daycare teacher. It pleased both the kids (painting body parts) and the parents (a craft that they could identify). I had already been planning to incorporate it into our apple theme when our trip to the orchard inspired me to take it up a notch -- instead of creating individual trees, the kids worked together to make their own orchard. I didn't get pictures, but Little Lady made some trees too, and the boys had a lot of fun watching her. When she was finished Mini Man made all his trees.

Then the Buddy filled in all the remaining spaces.  He was quite happy that his trees were the BIGGEST.

He also found a green hand to be quite silly.

We set the trees aside to dry for about an hour and then the boys went to work adding apples.

Our finished product :)

Before I go I thought I'd throw in a picture of what I think is a life saver when painting with little kids; a bowl of warm water and a rag. Having these at the …

Apple Picking on a Rainy Day

We went apple picking today -- it rained.  Which surprisingly turned out to be perfect: it felt  quintessentially fall - especially with a fire place and a warm drink afterwards - and we had the whole orchard to ourselves.

Preschool Syllabus: Apples

Our first two weeks of homeschooling went well. There were a few bumps in the road - keeping little brother entertained is a challenge - and we didn't come close to getting to all our "special" activities. The Buddy, however, is loving homeschool and I enjoy feeding his hunger for knowledge.
Since we are hoping to make it to an orchard this week, our new theme is apples.

Saturday's Style Summary: September 24th

Since becoming a mom I've found it helpful to have a go-to outfit every season.  Something that makes me feel put together but is easy and super comfortable.  This fall it's Thursday's outfit, which I am wearing again today.  That makes four times in the last two weeks - don't worry, I'm almost positive I've washed it at least once :)     

Small Graces

This past week has felt chaotic. My to-do list can no longer be contained to one piece of paper and I'm pretty sure I'll never cross every thing off. These pictures have me thinking maybe I should just throw the list out - it doesn't contain any of these moments... Yep, the list is going in the garbage :)

Saturday's Style Summary: September 17th

The Bears played Sunday, so I was really happy I had this orange hand-me-down (thanks Joanna!) skirt. Never mind that the only two things I know about the Bears are their team colors and that they are from Chicago, or that the only way I'd ever agree to watch a game is if I had a stack of magazines to keep me company. It's still nice to blend in (well kind of) with the rest of the crowd at the grocery store :)