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Vanilla Scones

During my last post I mentioned that my sister, Angel, had a dessert celebration for her graduation party. So the evening before we headed to Iowa I stayed up, way past my bedtime, to make goodies.

The ones my husband was most excited about was definitely the vanilla scones. He even, kindly let me know, that a few of them would not be making it to Iowa. I've spoken about my love for blueberry lemon scones before and they are still probably my favorite, but these are great substitute for when blueberries aren't in season.

Angel's Graduation

Last weekend, we traveled to Iowa to celebrate my youngest sister, Angel's, high school graduation. I adore all my sisters, but Angel and I have always had a special bond. She was born when I was thirteen. My mom was working the evening shift and was also going through a rough patch. Her husband wasn't in the best state either. Therefore, a lot of the responsibility to take care of Angel fell on me. 
In some ways, she was my first baby. She was the first one I cried over at midnight, because I was exhausted, and I just couldn't figure out how to make her go to sleep. She was the first baby I sang made-up lullabies too...ones I also ended up singing to my own children. I learned how to comfort her (gently rubbing her earlobes was the trick I learned for quieting her cries and putting her to sleep) and in the end, I developed a sense patience and a desire to protect her that, before then, I had never felt for anyone else. 

Thankfully, my mom was able to rise above her rough…

Web Wanderings

A few worthwhile things I've stumbled upon while wandering the internet.... Gorgeous hi-resoultion photos, that you are free download and do whatever you want with - 2 of my favorites...

My kids love watching animal/science videos on YouTube but the videos can sometimes be hard to screen and the music can be downright frightening. This website, however, solves that problem and it is full of hand-picked interesting videos so you can relax and enjoying watching with your kids. And a YouTube video that's definitely worth watch with your kids - a group of boys form a soccer team despite some pretty substantial barriers. I've yet to pick it up but Jeremy's been telling me that I should read the book, The Artisan Soul. I don't think of myself as  an artist or even as creative. In this article, however, the author challenges us that as children of God maybe are a called to create. I have mentioned before that Jeremy and I have wrestled with the purity and modesty teachings …

What My Kids Have Been Wearing

On our way to Iowa this past weekend Little Lady all the suddened exclaimed, "there's a rainbow over there! Mama, the moon melted into the sky!" It was just Iowa's sunset; which is quite stunning! This girl has a way with words!
Speaking of words, my kids have recently started asking each other "what was your favorite things about the day" at dinner time. This a nightly tradition at my sister-in-law's household and the kids decided to bring it back with us after visiting them earlier this month. Little Lady, however, almost always answer the same way: she looks fondly at Jeremy and says, "seeing my daddy!" She's in love and it one of the most precious things I've ever seen. 

Jeremy recently came to the conclusion that Mini Man is essentially Olaf from Frozen. He is funny in an adorable quirky way, he always sees the best in people, and would totally 'melt' for those he loves. 

Like Little Lady, Big Buddy is another smooth talker…

What I've Been Wearing

I picked up this jacket, at almost 75% off, at Anthropologie. It was a whim and one I was afraid I'd regret. However, during this cool spring it's been a blessing and I've found myself reaching for it over and over again. 

This dress is from eShakti. I feel like I've raved about them numerous times here; I love the unique style of there clothes and I am continually amazed by the quality. 

This sweater was another Anthropologie clearance find, but I was immediately certain that it was a piece I'd get a ton of use out of. The sleeves and back are a fine knit blend which makes it almost feel like a sweatshirt, the front is a silky blend. It's perfect for laid back days when I don't necessarily want to get dressed, but still desire to wear something pretty. It also provides the perfect amount coverage for those warm but windy spring days. 
I should probably throw these purple flats out. They are almost five-years-old and have absolutely no cushion left.  They,…

Hello Again and Small Graces

The last several weeks have been busy ones. Jeremy was gone for long weekend for a student competition and then when he returned it was his school's finals week. The last day of class, Jeremy decided to cut of his hair and beard. His ponytails were now longer than 10 inches so he could donate them to Locks for Love.

It's been fun watching people react to him. Without his beard and hair he does look quite different, lucky for him, I find him irresistible either way.