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Trollys and Flowers in Denver

We didn't spend much time in Denver but after visiting Em at her office we thought it would fun to ride the Platte Valley Trolly. This is a great inexpensive activity for families. The views along the Platte River are pretty and at the final stop they let the kids come up and ring the bell. The tour guides also share a bit of Denver's history. 

I had my 34th birthday while we were in Colorado. Even though we were away, Jeremy made sure it was still a very special day. I woke up to Starbucks, donuts, flowers, and some fun little gifts. He also arranged for Aunt Em and Uncle Dan to watch our kiddos so we could go out alone for the night. We headed back to Denver to the Botanic Gardens. Unless there is a concert or show we want see I prefer to keep our dates simple - I treasure the conversations we can have when we are away from household and parenting duties. For dinner we went to Vesta Dipping Grill - the food was amazing!  

Rocky Mountain National Park

While in Colorado one of the little trips our family took was to Rocky Mountain National Park. We had planned to hike a few trails. However, Little Lady was pretty weary after a night of battling altitude sickness so we decided to just hike to Horse Trail Falls and hang out for there for a bit...we stayed for almost three hours! It ended up being a perfect spot for us. The path to the falls was a quick walk from the parking lots. The boys were happy to explore the falls and climb on the rocks, while Litte Lady rested for a bit. She actually fell asleep on a rock! Baby Z and I took a little rest too. When Little Lady woke up she felt much better and was ready to join the boys in their exploring. 


I am so behind on my blog posts. I enjoy coming to this place and someday I'm going to get back on a schedule! For now though, you can expect delays. Homeschooling, homemaking, and Baby Z seem to occupy most of my time...and probably, even more so, my energy.
We were beyond blessed in August. Not only did we get to spend a week at a lake house with two of Jeremy's sisters, their families, and his mom, but we also got to visit Jeremy's other sister in Colorado. 

We flew, which was an adventure all on it's own! Both Big Buddy and Mini Man had flown when they were babies but they don't remember it so it was a new experience for all the kiddos. They were all super excited. Mini Man was adorable when the plane started to take off, "we are moving, we are moving, guys we aren't on the ground anymore!" He was bouncing and was so loud! I tried to quiet him down but didn't have much success because I was laughing so hard. Luckily for us, the passengers aro…

Water, Sand, and Fun

One of the major perks of staying at the lake house in Benton Harbor was it's private beach. My kiddos and their cousins all love water and sand; everyday we spent hours hanging out on the beach. It was nice not having to worry about crowds or the kids wandering off - the adults could actually relax too!

This swan floaty was such a fun surprise. The boys spent hours hopping on and off it. On our last day there, we actually had some bigger waves. Mini Man and Big Buddy had so much fun pulling the swan out as far as it could go and then letting the waves crash them back into the beach. They were laughing so hard that Jeremy and I couldn't resist joining in on the excitement. 

I've never been a huge fan of sand, so it amazes me they way these kiddos can spend hours digging, and even being buried, in the stuff. 

This above picture of Little Lady taking a reading break cracks me up...she is such a fashionista!
Even the babies embraced the beach vibe. Maca had the brilliant ide…