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BabyZ's Jungle Book Nursery

Recently, we just moved BabyZ from his nursery into the the big boys' room. Before we converted it back into at guest room, though, I wanted to capture some pictures of the space. The Jungle Book is a favorite of the older three kiddos...I've lost track of how many times we've read/listened to it.  This space was a labor of love. I bought new curtains and sheets from Target, but everything else was either a hand-me-down, handmade, or a gift. I never really finished the room; I had plans to make a print with a picture of the kiddos and the quote, "For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack." With BabyZ being the fourth kiddo though I just never seemed to find the time...I'm sure lots of other moms can relate. 

One think I've done for all my kiddos nurseries is create a name decoration. This one was pretty simple, just wooden letters, decorative paper, and Mod Podge
Jer used a laser cutter to create the mobile and …

Strawberry Picking

A couple weekends ago we went to one of our favorite farms to pick strawberries. This has become one of our cherished summer traditions. This year was extra special because Maca got to join us for the fun. 
It's usually best to go early in the morning when picking Strawberries so you avoid the heat. We however, took things slow and didn't get out to the field until a little after ten. BabyZ was a trooper for about ten minutes and then decided he'd just rest on Dada until we were finished. Jer's such a rock that he took it all in stride. All the rest of us mentioned the heat a couple times, but despite the extra baggage Jer never complained and went along picking and smiling the whole time. 

Big Buddy has always been a finicky eater and for the most part turns his nose up at fruit (thankfully, he's a bit better with veggies)...that is until we go pick it ourselves. He didn't like apples until we went to an orchard when he was three; and then he ate over 1/2 doz…