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20 Great Weather Themed Books for Children

One of the first things I do when planning a thematic unit is start searching for quality related books. Jeremy and I are both lovers of the written word and we are very glad our children have all seemed to have inherited this trait.  A good portion of our school days are spent curled up on the couch reading and discussing books. Below is a list of some our favorite books from our weather unit

1 -Bartholmew and the Oobleck by Dr. Seussis a tale of a discontent king who makes the terrible mistake of demanding a new type of weather. Oobleck falls from the sky and threatens to destroy the kingdom. In the end the King learns the power of the simple words "I'm sorry". Written in classic Dr. Seuss style this book is a joy to read. 
2 - Brave Irene by William Streg tells the story of a brave young girl who battles the snow and wind to deliver a dress for her sick dress-maker mother. Big Buddy particularly enjoyed this tale for the main character's determination and it…

Small Graces

Yesterday, was one of those rare perfect days. Jeremy and I both woke up an hour before the kids and enjoyed some quiet time reading on the sofa. I got in a good long, hard swim. Then we had a leisurely brunch on our front porch. The sun decided to shine while we spent a few hours working on house projects. Then we joined good friends in celebrating a sweet girl's first birthday. Despite all the activity the kids were happy and whine-free most of the day. Bedtime was easy and Jeremy and I got to spend some more time together on the sofa - this time catching up on a few of our favorite television shows. 
I needed yesterday because the rest of the week was HARD! Be it the weather, physiological reasons, or just my own selfishly sinful heart, I was a cranky a mess. All week I felt behind and exhausted. The sun refused to shine. The kids bickered and whined. I reacted with annoyance and frustration instead of patience. The kids whined some more. It seemed that if something could brea…

Weekly Outfit Summary

Unfortunately, Spring's sun and warmth are taking their time arriving this year so the week still called for sleeves and tights. 

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Stromscape Collages

One of my children's favorite art activities is to make collages. About once a week I pull out the scraps box and they glue whatever/however they want down on a piece of scrap cardboard. It's an open ended activity and it's fun to see their creativity go in different directions. Last week however, an activity from the bookArty Facts Weather and & Art Activitiesinspired us to make a more specific design: strormscapes. 

Our Supplies*: various paints (acrylic grey & silver, glitter glue, and grey & black puffy fabric paint), white glue, foam brush, scissors, foam board, aluminum foil, silver tissue paper, gold pipe cleaners, cotton balls, and tape.
*our supplies are a bit different from the ones listed in the book because we improvised and made do with the items we had on hand. 

Step 1: form storm clouds by gluing cotton balls, foil, and tissue paper to the top of your board. Be sure to cut, crumble, and manipulate supplies to make them look more cloud like. 

Step 2:…

Weekly Outfit Summary

Except for the bracelets, I've had every piece of this outfit for over five years. A couple things are almost a decade old! When I'm smitten with a piece it's really hard for me to get rid of it or to "upgrade". Theses heels are from Target and there have been a couple times where I thought I should probably invest in a better pair. However, I have yet to find a style I like more...and these are super comfortable...and we've shared so many happy times.  

Sometimes I'm shocked by the pieces that make it to Anthropologie's clearance room. I found this top a couple weeks back for only $20! It's very light weight so it's been a great spring transition piece. 

Jeremy made me these charms for Mother's Day last year - I know a snagged a really good one! I've been meaning to pick up some supplies so I can put them on an actual necklace, but I still haven't got around to it - luckily, I like ribbons. 

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Small Graces

This is a weekly series inspired in part by Bob Bennet's song Small Graces.

It doesn't feel right to offer a glimpse at some of the happy moments of our week without also  mentioning the horrific events that have been all over the news. The tragedies in Boston, Texas, and China that have devastated so many has left my heart aching with sorrow. I don't really have any words to offer other than I'm deeply sorry and that the residents of those places are in my thoughts and prayers. It's hard to know how to offer any type of concrete support. I know there are a lot of fundraisers going around the web but to keep things simple (and to know with certainty that our funds will be used with integrity) we've chose to make a donation to the Red Cross.  You can donate quickly and easily online - small amounts can add up to great ones.

Cumulonimbus Clouds

As part of our weather unit we've been talking a great deal about clouds and thunderstorms. Which is perfect because the last couple of weeks have been filled with rain - in fact it's thunder and lighting outside as I type. Luckily, all my kids are more curious than scared of storms. There have, however,  been a few instances of thunder that have caused Little Lady to jump.

When I was packing up our Christmas decorations I noticed I had some icicles/tinsel I had never used and decided to leave them out since they reminded me of rain - I was already planning on doing a weather unit.  With a few other odds and ends from our craft supplies an idea for creating some storm/cumulonimbus clouds was formed.

Our Supplies: icicles/tinsel, gold pipe cleaners, styrofoam packing peanuts, cloud shapes cut from a cereal box, scissors, hole punch, tape, glue, grey acrylic paint, foam brush and ribbon/string. 

Step 1: punch hole in top of the cloud shape
Step 2: tape icicles to bottom of cloud s…