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Mistakes, Accidents, and an Apology

Last week I met a mom friend and her kids at one of those inflatable play places. When we got there we were the only ones in the place so we let our kids have free reign of the two rooms. We walked around watching the kids and chatted as they played. A couple of our kiddos talked us into going down the big slide. Our kids were having a ton of fun and were obeying the rules.

After being there for a little over an hour and a half we sat down on a bench to talk. We noticed that a few other families had started to come in. It was now a little past lunch time so we gave our kids a five minute warning. Then we started talking and lost track of the five minutes. All sudden a dad came up asking if we had a boy wearing green. My boys were in purple and yellow so I said no and didn't think anything of it until a couple minutes later when the dad became visibly upset and shouted "I guess that little sh*t is here all by himself!" It was then that I noticed his wife holding their so…

Small Graces

It's been a while since I've posted a small graces but life around here has been good. Jeremy recently started working part-time at an architectural firm in addition to teaching full time at Judson so things have been a bit busy and hectic. You never seem to realize how good/spoiled you are until something changes and with Jeremy's work schedule increasing it means I've had pick up some slack around the house. Jeremy never turns his nose up at household chores and is great with the kids; I just feel like with him working two jobs I should take over where I can at home. It means I'm running a little harder during the day so I don't always have much energy left once the kids are in bed. I'm sure once we adjust to the new routine things will get better. 
Little Lady had her fourth birthday a couple weeks back and it ended up being quite the celebration. It was actually a Christmas present but a couple days before her birthday she got to attend Frozen on Ice w…

Exploding Valentines

One of the boys' favorite activities is playing with baking soda and vinegar. A couple weeks back I surprised them with some heart shaped baking soda and they enjoyed it so much we decided make some more for their valentines. 

Girls Only Dress Up and Dessert Fete

A couple weekends back we celebrated Little Lady's fourth birthday. When asked what type of party she wanted her response was always, " a girls only party".

Jeremy and I frequently joke about Little Lady's passion for all things 'girly'. We not sure if it's just her nature or if it's a way to rebel against all the 'boyness' that surrounds her but she definitely has an attraction to all things pretty and pink. This year we decided to honor her birthday request for some girl only time and banned her brothers from the house for an afternoon.

We decorated in pinks, reds, and purples and since Valentine's day is so close we also threw in some hearts. Little Lady loves to dress-up so we invited all of the guests to wear there favorite dress-up clothes. We also used a peg board to hang up some of Little Ladies dress-up items so the girls could change mid-party.