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What I've Been Wearing

Only one outfit this week; luckily, it's one I thoroughly enjoyed! This dress is from eShakti and a treat to wear and very comfortable. This is the third time I worn it. First, I paired it with a cropped sweater and then later I wore it to my sister's graduation party. Both times it held up very well to lots of movement: sitting, holding kids, etc. 

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Small Graces and a Smattering of Our July 4th

It's been a busy last couple weeks...I guess I almost always say that, huh? Life with kids is just plain hectic, even when we don't have plans it feels like we never really stop. I've been especially thankful for the few naps I've gotten in recently.  Even twenty minutes can make such difference.

Our front porch has become quite the hang out spot for our family this summer. In the afternoon and evenings it's full neighbor kids. In the morning, however, it's peaceful and the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee. Jeremy and I try to sneak out there before the kids are awake but sometimes they end up joining us. 

What I've Been Wearing

Two dresses layered over each other is a bit of an unconventional pairing; however, it was actually quite comfortable and I enjoyed the over all look. The top dress is a vintage shift, I love the stripes and the fit; but it's a bit short for anything other than a date. The bottom dress is a thin strap pleated dress I wore in a wedding last October. Paired together, they provide the perfect amount of coverage for church.

The rest of the week, I was obviously,  feeling a bit patriotic.  :) 

Pipe Cleaner Fireworks

Happy Independence Day! Our family is super pumped for all the festivities.  The kids are particularly excited about the fireworks! We've been googling videos on how exactly fireworks works and decided to craft some of our own.

Supplies: pipe cleaners, scissors, construction paper, tempera paint, spoons, & glitter.

Web Wanderings

A few worthwhile things I've stumbled upon while wandering the internet....

Jeremy and I always have trouble picking a movie for family movie night, thus, I was delighted to find this list of 55 essential movies children must see. However, I advise using it with discretion. After reading this list we decided to watch The Muppet Movie and I still don't get the hype - it was a horrible movie and now my children keep saying "wacka, wacka".  I've talked before about my frustration with the over safety of playgrounds. Here's a great article on why we need to bring back the merry-go-round.Are divorce rates exaggerated, this authorseems to think so. I wonder if more 'hope' would make a difference. And on a similar note,is kindness the key to a happy marriage.If you want to read more this summer but can't seem to find the time, here are 14 brilliant pieces of literature you can read in an hour. I loved the BFGas a kid and just started reading it to my chil…

What My Kids Have Been Wearing

The tree pose (seen above) is one of Big Buddy's favorite positions. If he's asked to stay still for any amount of time he usually takes this posture. Unless he's absorbed in a book or a television show not moving is difficult for him. He's in constant motion and for the most part is pretty rough and tumble. 
Nonetheless, he's also very acute and can be sensitive to the needs of others. This quality always shines thru when he's around babies. He, however, is also great at giving compliments as well as comforting those who are injured. Last week, he ran into the house to get a band-aid for a neighborhood girl who had fallen off her bike. I told him I was proud of him for being such a caring  friend. He just shrugged his shoulders and said, "that's why I was born!"