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Pine Cone Christmas Tree Farm

One of the small delights of a real tree is finding all its pine cones. The boys had a great time collecting them while helping trim our tree. They also made the observation that pine cones are very similar in shape to pine trees which lead to the idea of creating our own little Christmas tree farm.

Husbandie's dream is to one day own a Christmas tree farm, he's a little jealous that his boys beat him to it.

Christmas Tree Hunt

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is cutting down our own tree. Even before we had children Husbandie and I always made a trip to a local farm.  For us it is what marks the beginning of the Christmas season. Here's some pictures from this year's hunt.

We haven't finished adding all our ornaments yet but when we do, I'll be sure to post a picture of the finished tree and some of our other decorations. Hope you are enjoying this season of advent.

Saturday's Style Summary

Did anyone else go to Anthropologie's 50% off sale Friday morning? I have never had much luck with Black Friday but 50% off Anthropologie's sale racks was too much to resist. My sister and mother-in-law are kindred sprits and so we all piled in the car at 4:30 am to make our trek.  We were the first ones in line and found tons of treasures (it was a little hard to choose, I think we spent at least an hour in the dressing room). In the end we all went home with some great finds. My favorite two deals were high waisted cords for $15 and cereal/dessert bowls for less than $1. This just may be my new favorite holiday tradition.

Check out these two sites to see lots of other moms having fun with their clothes.

Small Graces

A weekly reflection inspired in part by Bob Bennett's song "Small Graces".
apple toys

Our Advent Calendar

One of the Christmas traditions we want to share with our children is an Advent Calendar. We looked at several but didn't find any that were quite right: attractive, inexpensive, and Christ-centered. Finally, we decided to just create our own.  We liked the idea of a Jesse Tree so we started with our favorite children's bible. 

Husbandie, who is uber talented, scanned a picture from the first 24 stories (Old Testment and Jesus's birth & baptisim) and created a sheet of "ornaments".

*UPDATE* A reader kindly pointed out that we skipped one of the stories, "The Girl Know One Wanted" and instead included two ornaments for "A New Beginning". The mistake has been corrected we have also added numbers to make using the ornaments easier.

We have also added a second option. Our family starts with the story The Beginning a Perfect Home and ends with Heaven Breaks Through. We do this because while the The Story and The Song is beautifully written it …

Golden Apples

Several weeks ago in church our pastor shared this verse:

"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver"  Proverbs 25:11

Immediately upon hearing it I was convicted and even though I did not set out to memorize it, the words have buried themselves in my heart.  You see, far too frequently I am not cautious with my words.  I'll discipline my children out of frustration and the words I speak are not life-giving or growth-producing but hurtful and distructive. At the end of an exhausting day I'll nitpick and vent my frustrations at my husband even though all he's trying to do is serve me.  

This side of me would come as a shock to many of my friends & co-workers who would describe me as slow to speak and careful with my words. That is who I desperately want to be but in the two most important roles of my life (wife & mother) I often find myself failing. The shame and sadness I feel after these moments of verbal vomit are indescribable. Sitti…

Gobble Gobble Crash - Another Turkey Craft

Last week we read another silly turkey book, Gobble Gobble Crash. There's just something ridiculously funny about turkey's. :)

And since we are a little obsessed with handprint crafts (see here & here) I thought it would be fun to turn the boys' hands into turkeys and then "crash" them into barnyard scenes.
Our first step was to build the barnyards.  The boys painted craft sticks white for a fence.

When they were dry I trimmed them down, and also cut out barns & trees.  Then we looked closely at some pictures in the book for inspiration and glued all our pieces in to place. 

Once the glue the was dry we painted our hands and covered the barnyard with turkeys.

After the turkeys dried we tried drawing on some feet and beaks but the color didn't show up too well. 

Mini Man really enjoyed this craft, he loves getting paint on his hands. :)  After we finished with the barnyard he asked for more paper so he could continue making handprints.

In case I don&#…