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Singing in the Rain

The boys' current favorite movie is Singing In the Rain. It's nice because unlike with superhero movies/cartoons, I don't have to worry about the influence of violent scenes. There have been, however, other influences...
Mini Man now hugs almost every light post he sees.

 As soon as they notice it's raining, even when it's a chilly out, like today, they insist on going outside to "dance".

 I was eventually able to wrangle them into coats.

They most likely would have stayed out all morning if allowed. I, however, got cold and bribed them to come inside with promises of  "Singing in the Rain" and  "Make Them Laugh" scenes on the i-pad.

I also have not escaped this movie's influence - a couple weeks ago Jeremy discovered me reading like this? 

The random things a mom will do for a few minutes of peace. :)

Painting with Straws and Eye Droppers

The weather suddenly dropped almost twenty degrees today, so instead of playing in the dirt outside I was able to convince the boys to do a little silly painting with me. We used straws - it was a hit! 
Our supplies:

Step 1: use eye droppers to create blobs of paint on the paper

Step 2: aim straws at paint and blow

It kept them happily busy for over a half an hour. There were, of course, some causalities...

Style Summary

Both this dress and jacket were happy thrift finds - together they cost less than $16. 

This skirt is also a happy thrift find. I got it just a couple weeks ago and I plan to have my mother-in-law shorten it a little bit (it's even longer than it looks - I rolled it up at the waist) but when Jeremy suggested a last minute movie date I couldn't resist the urge to wear it.

This dress is from college. I haven't worn it in a couple years. I just recently rediscovered it while  unpacking summer clothes. I'm not sure I'll keep it; the spaghetti strap bodice is not quite my style anymore, but I did really like how it looked with this cropped sweater.

 I rarely wear outfits without color and always feel a little edgy/tough when I do. Seeing these pictures tell me that it's all in my head though - I don't think I have the ability to actually look edgy or tough. 

This skirt was given to me by a dear friend and is probably my favorite hand-me-down ever. Sadly, while …

DIY Sidewalk Paint

Today was beautiful, a rare perfect 72 degrees. We spent most of the day at the park with some friends, but in the afternoon we celebrated by mixing up some chalk paint and decorating our sidewalks. 

Our supplies

 Step 1: scoop approximately 2T of cornstarch in each muffin tin

 Step 2: fill each muffin tin 3/4 full of water

Step 3: add several drops of liquid watercolor or food coloring
Step 4: stir mixture until it is smooth

Step 5: paint

Or pull a Mini Man and squeeze.

 It got pretty messy but it was a ton of fun.

Style Summary

Want more? Check out these sites to see lots of other ladies having fun with their clothes.

Small Graces: A Zoo Addition

I find zoos to be quite enchanting, as they offer a broader-than-normal view of God's masterful design. We are fortunate enough this year to have season passes so the kids and I will be visiting the zoo a lot. This last week's trip was extra special though, because Husbandie took the day off and joined us - he makes everything a bit more fun.

Brookfield zoo has a special play zoo for young children. This was the first time we ventured in and the kids all had a blast - we weren't sure we were going to ever be able to pull them away.

Small Graces are a weekly reflection inspired in part by Bob Bennett's song, "Small Graces".
"these are the small graces, the moments with the miracles come... they are a reminder to the heart their is more to life than meets the eye... He is in the small graces... little glimpses of the kingdom come..."