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Web Wanderings

A few worthwhile things I've stumbled upon while wandering the internets.

  • It drives me crazy when people say "God only gives us what we can handle", He frequently gives us more - we are suppose to need Him and His people. However, this meme still made me chuckle and will probably be my response to that phrase from now on. 

  • Another link about pictures - a photographer convinces strangers to pose in affectionate poses together with some fascinating results. 
  • I've put myself on a spending freeze (besides Christmas presents) until the New Year, but that doesn't stop me from browsing and I am currently a bit obsessed with this chic, yet comfortable-looking dress.
  • When not on a spending freeze, one of my favorite online boutiques is Ever+Mi.Crush, and they are having a storewide 50% off sale through Friday, November 1st. Tons of great deals! Here are three of my favorites: 1, 2, &, 3.
  • A map showing the post popular girl names of the last six decades by state. I was surprised by which states were the trend-starters.
  • Take a short quiz here to discover which state matches your personality. 
  • Have you heard about How About We yet? Jeremy & I signed up last month and we were very pleased with our experience. When you become a member you get to choose a free date every month; we are excited to try out some new places we otherwise would have never known about. Their dates you can purchase are fabulous as well as lots of out-of-the-box ideas at great prices. Use this link to save $50 on your first date.  
  • As Christians we say we are saved by grace, but is that really how we live? Or do we live like we are saved by being right?
  • Speaking of being right, around this time of year one of the common questions in Christian culture is whether or not it's right/ok to celebrate Halloween. In our home we celebrate mostly for the community aspect...we like the opportunity it provides to see so many of our neighbors. Jeremy and I, however, found this article on the history of Halloween and it's Christian origins quite fascinating. 
  • On a more frivolous note, if you want to know a little more about the candy your children (and if honest, you) will be enjoying tomorrow check out this fact filled and humorous video
And here's a few things around Joyfully Weary you might find interesting

  • I finally got around to posting some photos from Jeremy's littlest sister Emily's wedding
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Preschool Syllabus: Dr. Seuss

Normally I'd do a Dr. Seuss unit in March around his birthday. We had to do one now though because on Saturday Big Buddy and I going on a date to a Dr. Seuss exhibit. The exhibit is only at the museum until January and I'm afraid if we don't go now we might not get the chance.

We are of course reading lots of Dr. Seuss's books. A great advatage to studying Dr. Seuss in November rather than March is that all his books were available at the library. I also found a great children's biography which is perfect for preschoolers.

 We've read it a couple times and Big Buddy loves reciting all the facts he's learned


LEARNING "TRAYS" -I rotate these, setting out about four a day from which the boy's can choose.

Paint Chip Word Families

We haven't been doing a ton of school work this summer but we have tried to fit in a little reading practice everyday. We are currently working our way through Bob Books and The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading - I  highly recommend both. I saw this idea for paint chip word families on Pinterest several months ago and knew it would be one we'd have to try. I changed it up a little bit so that the the strips pulled through the word family cards.  

My supplies: large white paint chips, various colors of paint chips, sharpie, scissors, and an x-acto knife
 Step 1: Because my colored paint chips were so wide I folded and cut them in half.

Step 2: In the center of the white paint-chip, use the x-acto knife to cut two openings, at the top and bottom of the white square, the width of the color strip. 

Step 3: Use the sharpie to write letters on paint chips (a list of word families can be found here
Step 4: Pull strip through word family card 

 Step 5: Have fun readi…

A Knightly Affair

This past Saturday we had a joint birthday celebration for Big Buddy (6) and Mini Man (4). They have both been intrigued with knights and dragons for a while now so that's the theme we chose. 

Papa and Maca Lindsey were gracious enough to let us host the party in their backyard/secret garden, it was the perfect setting. 

In leu of traditional party favors, we outfitted the party guests with a sword, surcoat, and shield. Everyone's surcoat and shield was emblazoned with their sigil/initial.

The shields were also our party craft. They are cardboard which Jeremy cut with a laser cutter. I then hot glued and taped (double reinforcement!) ribbon on the back for handles. The kids used dot markers to decorate the shields. This worked out really well because the cardboard absorbs the ink so fast that drying is almost instantaneous.

In addition to the shields we also had a few other themed activities: a dragon catapult, sand castle building, a row of balloons for sword practice, and t…