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Angel's Graduation

Last weekend, we traveled to Iowa to celebrate my youngest sister, Angel's, high school graduation. I adore all my sisters, but Angel and I have always had a special bond. She was born when I was thirteen. My mom was working the evening shift and was also going through a rough patch. Her husband wasn't in the best state either. Therefore, a lot of the responsibility to take care of Angel fell on me. 

In some ways, she was my first baby. She was the first one I cried over at midnight, because I was exhausted, and I just couldn't figure out how to make her go to sleep. She was the first baby I sang made-up lullabies too...ones I also ended up singing to my own children. I learned how to comfort her (gently rubbing her earlobes was the trick I learned for quieting her cries and putting her to sleep) and in the end, I developed a sense patience and a desire to protect her that, before then, I had never felt for anyone else. 

my two "baby" girls

Thankfully, my mom was able to rise above her rough patch and I through separation and counseling I learned how to be more of a sister. As a family we became more healthy. However, my desire to protect her or the way my heart swells with pride/unconditional love every time I see her has never changed.

my mom, who also makes my heart swell with pride when I think of the
sacrifices/adjustments she's made to be the best mom possible to my younger siblings

all my sisters: me, sarah, angela, and angel

Pulled pork for graduation parties is kinda of thing in Central Iowa, so Angel decided to mix things up a bit and have a dessert celebration. 

I spent most of the party manning the cotton candy machine - my arms were sore by the time it was over!

After the party we headed back to my sister Sarah's place. Were the kids played in dirt, we had a bonfire, and we marveled over her precious babies. 

seriously, this unplanted garden bed was the hot spot. 

mini man loves to watch marshmallow burn and therefore, insists he only likes
the black ones

sweet norma

The next day was the gradation ceremony, which was long and hot but the kids were troopers!

So gratefully we got to celebrate with everyone. I'm so very proud of this amazing woman - I can't wait see where life leads her next!


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