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Zekiah Paul

Terribly late in writing this post, but in December, we welcomed Zekiah Paul into our family! 

He has already given me a bit of a run for my money. His delivery was different from my others babies; my water broke at home and it contained a bit meconium. With the rest of my babies my midwife always had to break my water so this was a different, and not so pleasant, experience. The fact that it contained meconium also made me a little nervous. When I arrived at the hospital I was barely 2cm dilated. Jeremy and I started walking laps around the maternity ward, which worked great in getting my labor going with the other three, but 15 hours later and I was still barely 3cm dilated. 

I had been battling a cough for almost month so my body was already tired and sore before my labor started. It was a tough decision but I decided to go ahead and start piton, as well as, get an epidural. I had delivered my first three without pain medication so there was a part me that felt like I (or my body) was failing. It's silly because I've never felt that way about other women I know who have used  pain meds. Luckily, Jeremy was really supportive and helped me think clearly and to focus on the fact that we'd very soon meet our son. 

I have to say the epidural was pretty amazing! I had piton when I delivered Little Lady so I knew it would get things moving and that it would also make things very intense. The epidural immediately numbed the pain in my side (from the cough) and when the contractions came I could feel them but they were very manageable. One of the things I was afraid of is that with an epidural I wouldn't know when to push but just like with the other three my body just knew. The other thing I was nervous about is how the epidural would effect my recovery but I didn't notice much of a difference. 

Baby Z is right where he should be now but during his first month he had a bit of trouble gaining weight. He's been a champion nurser since birth but I think he was trying to fight off a cold. I was also having trouble getting him to nurse long enough to get the hindmilk which has the highest fat content. Luckily, since then he's been making steady gains.

All the other kiddos think Baby Z is the best! My heart bursts with pride when I watch how tender and loving they are with him. 

We are still adjusting and trying find our new rhythm. We've yet to get into a system. I'm doing my best to embrace it; to slow down and enjoy these moments. 


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