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Celebrating Hermione's Birthday

I could on and on about how wonderful our library is. Their collection is amazing. There is no limit to the number of books I can check out. I can renew books online - I still end up paying late fees but it's not nearly what it could be. They also put on amazing programs and events.

This past week they held a celebration for Hermione Granger's birthday. This worked out perfectly for our family because our older three kiddos have started to fall in love with Harry Potter...the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. In fact, spoiler alert, we are all going to be HP book characters for Halloween.

 Little Lady is going to be Hermione, and she has started to see her as a bit of a role model. It's kind of a great fit. Not only does Little Lady share some of her physical features but their personalizes are also quite similar. Like Hermione, Little Lady could easily be a Ravenclaw or a Gryffindor. She is smart as a whip. Even though she won't turn 7 until January she keeps right up with Mini Man and is doing 2nd/3rd grade work. She is also brave and courageous. She's looks dainty and loves traditional feminine things, but that doesn't stop her from holding creepy crawlies, climbing to scary heights, etc.

What her and Hermione have most in common though is their gumption. They aren't afraid to try. When they set their minds to something they give it all they got. The reason Hermione was the smartest in her class was because she work hard and was prepared. When she found out she was a witch she didn't' wait to get Hogwarts to learn. She took initiative and read everything she could. Even though Little Lady is still young I already see this in her. When she was struggling to keep up with Mini Man in math she started review flashcards on her own. When she was given the option to stay in lower swimming class (with most of  her friends) or move up to a harder class she chose to move up. She likes pushing herself and she's anxious for the next step. I'm thankful for great female characters like Hermione. I hope that I can always encourage Little Lady to be proud of her intelligence and her strength. That she will never feel the need to quench them but be excited to cultivate her abilities.


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