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Mother's Day 2018

I'm such a lucky momma. My older three kiddos, with the help of Jeremy, surprised me with breakfast in bed yesterday. Jeremy made sure I knew to stay in my room and they all headed  downstairs early to make me bacon, eggs, and chocolate chip pancakes. It was so much fun hearing their happy chatter as they prepared their surprise. 

Big Buddy is so past giving kisses to his Mama, but he knows is makes me happy so once in awhile he will amuse me. 💓

They day before they also worked together to make this spinning Lego heart. I love that they are such a team! The breakfast and the heart were wonderful, but them working together is what makes me beam with joy. 

BabyZ gave his own gift and slept in super late! He didn't wake up until after my breakfast was served...and then he helped me eat some of my chocolate chip pancakes 😉 He was convinced that all the candles meant it was somebodies birthday and started to sing "Happy Birthday". The older kiddos quickly adapted it to a round of "Happy Mother's Day". 

Jeremy gave me the perfect print.  I love being a mom, but some days are hard! Over the last eight years I've struggled off and on with anxiety and depression; it often leaves me felling like a failure as a mom. I want to give my kids so much and it hurts when I fall short. I'm constantly thanking the LORD for new mornings, and asking HIM to strengthening me as I try again. To give me the ability to be here, present and joyful, even when my heart and body is weary.

Meet me. O Christ, 
in this stillness of morning. 
Move me, O Spirit, 
to quiet my heart. 
Mend me, Oh Father, 
from yesterday's harms. 

From the discord of yesterday, 
resurrect my peace. 
From the discouragement of yesterday, 
resurrect my peace.
From the weariness of yesterday, 
resurrect my strength. 
From the doubts of yesterday, 
resurrect my faith. 
From the wounds of yesterday, 
resurrect my love. 

Let me enter this new day, 
aware of my need, 
and awake

to your grace, 
O Lord. 


I'm so thankful that I get to share this journey of parenthood with Jeremy! He hears and echos my heart's cry. He sees the hopes of my heart despite my whininess and grumbling. He praises and encourages my strengths even when my weakness are laid raw and exposed. He believes in me when I struggle to believe in myself.

Saying the above prayer for all of you moms our there...that when you feel tired and beaten, that the LORD's love and strength will surround you - and you will rise like a phoenix!


  1. I love this! Thank you for always being so real. Your blog and Instagram inspire and encourage me.


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