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Stopping By

It's been so long since I have stopped by this spot. I miss it. I have a list of crafts and projects I want to share. I also still whip out our camera to capture small graces but time  seems to slip by and I forget to document them. 

As you can see from the pictures below we are expecting a boy. Everyone is pleased and anxious to meet him. The boys are happy to dominate in number. Little Lady is happy to be our only princess and is glad that she doesn't have to share her daddy - I'm  not quite sure I understand her logic but it's adorable all the same. So far the Wee One seems completely healthy and that's really all Jeremy and I are hoping for. 

Jeremy and I started a tradition with Big Buddy where I get a new pair of pink or blue shoes to celebrate the baby's gender. The kids loved spraying each other with blue paint and Jeremy was a good sport but I was very content to just slip on these fun flats. 

I'm now 39 weeks pregnant and this one has been different from the other three. Not sure if it's age or that life is already so busy but I've been really tired and have struggled with anxiety. The first three pregnancy made me feel strong and fearless - a bit like a warrior women. I've mentioned before that after the birth of my last two I struggled with depression and anxiety but pregnancy and delivery were always sweet spots. My health has still been good. I don't have much to complain about, I once again seem to have escaped extreme nauseas, swelling, etc. Inwardly though, I have felt the strain and have been embracing rest, hence why it's so rare that I've been back here. I do have grand plans to return to posting more regularly but we will have see. This space has been a great outlet and fills me with so much joy and energy but it's honestly outweighed by the healing powers of sleep or sweet cuddles on the couch. 

The last couple months have been filled with fun stuff other than waiting for Wee One. Little Lady is back in dance and the boys were able to play on the same fall Little League team. A bit of bragging but I feel like the last couple months my three 'bigger' babies have grown so much - they are so funny and smart and have the sweetest hearts. 

did you know princess leia was a ballerina as a child? 
My middle school friends also came up for their annual visit. Jeremy has been mastering a new job - practicing rather than teach architecture. He still loves staying involved in his students lives though and we got watch him officiate one of their weddings this fall. I didn't get any good shots at the wedding put you can see pictures here. The location was pretty architectural salvage yard.

so thankful for these ladies! 

No promises on when I'll be back but if you are really curious about baby #4 you can always follow Jeremy or I on Instagram. 


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